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A Family History

Emile Droz-Bartholet, great-grandfather of Christophe Droz-Bartholet, already had a boat at steamer which sailed on the Doubs, the Lac-ou-Villers. Then it continued from father to son.

In 1979, Christophe Droz-Bartholet created a company entirely dedicated to navigation for the Saut du Doubs.

In 1983, he set up the first tourist cruise boat in the city of Besançon and installed a small train there in 1993 ( Over the past 40 years, it has continued to invest in developing this activity and always offering better services to visitors.

He is now supported by his daughter, Tiffany. A beautiful story that has lasted over time for 5 generations!

bateau vapeur villers-le-lac

Steamship that belonged to Emilie Droz-Bartholet, great grandfather of Christophe Droz-Bartholet.

ecoresponsable naturel écologique bateau

Protecting the Environment

It is essential for us to preserve the exceptional sites in which we navigate ”.

For many years, we have always sought to improve the environmental impact of our company.

In 2004, we started using Panolin® biodegradable oil.

In 2019, we switched our entire fleet to GTL, an alternative fuel to liquefied natural gas, less polluting, biodegradable and which improves air quality by greatly reducing emissions.